Esthetician Services

Esthetician Services

Facial Options

If you’re looking for esthetician services such as Hydrafacial, Chemical Peels in Livermore that can provide an experience promoting relaxation and rejuvenation, look no further than our services here, at Sculpt MD!

Sculpt MD offers esthetician services in Livermore for those looking to combat and improve their complexion problems. Our Esthetician is trained in skin wellness, offering different facial services to help you improve the tone, texture, color, and youthfulness of your skin. Choose a specific facial or customize your own to help fight lines, wrinkles, dry skin, eczema, acne, sun spots, pigmented skin, and more!

Why See an Esthetician

We often view facials as something you only do when you feel like treating yourself to something luxurious. In the long run, you could be saving yourself some money by engaging in preventative facial care.
An unfortunate amount of pollution, dirt, grime, and dead skin will accumulate on our face. It’s unavoidable, but we can do the best we can to keep it clean. Facials help treat your skin at levels that your normal skin care cannot. Getting facials regularly – whether every few months or year – can save you on spending in the future with:

• Makeup
• Skin care
• Anti-aging

Estheticians are also trained to detect skin problems that might require a healthcare provider’s attention, so getting regular treatments can also help you monitor your skin’s health.

The Benefits of Facial Treatments

Getting a facial isn’t just relaxing or renewing for your mind, but it’s important for your skin. There are many different facials that help you treat the unique combinations of problems our skin may experience.

• Refreshed and relaxed skin – A facial massage is usually incorporated into the facial, not to mention the deep dirt and grime the facial is pulling from your skin. Facials leave your skin glowing and radiant!

• Skin cell renewal – Many different facials include exfoliation, which helps removed dead skin from your face. It helps start cell turnover and encourages the growth of new, healthy cells. Exfoliation also helps aid in diminishing the appearance of acne scars.

• Instant results – Results are instant with facials. It is rare that you’ll find a skin care treatment or product that doesn’t live up to its high expectations, especially with our amazing and personalized services here at Sculpt MD. After just one facial, you can see immediate results.


The HydraFacial™ takes non-invasive skin rejuvenation to a new level. Proven in clinical studies to provide better results than many other skin rejuvenation devices, it uses patented technology to cleanse, extract, and hydrate. The HydraFacial™ super serums are made with nourishing ingredients that create an instantly gratifying glow, restoring confidence in your skin.

At Sculpt MD, we offer many different HydraFacial™ treatments that you can tailor to yourself:

• Signature Treatment
• Age Refinement Treatment
• Restorative Treatment
• Radiance Treatment

• Clarifying Treatment
• Platinum Treatment
• Brightalive® Boost

Custom Facial

Sculpt MD wants to help you create a skin care regimen that can help you improve the complexion, tone, and texture of your skin with long-lasting results. Schedule a consultation with our esthetician today to customize your facial with products like PCA®, SkinMedica®, and DefenAge®! Rejuvenate and refresh your skin for a glowing, youthful appearance.

Oxygenating Trio

Ideal skin type: acne prone, oily skin

The Oxygenating Trio is a 3-step system to promote radiance and a healthy glow by stimulating oxygenation and circulation of the skin. This antioxidant therapy helps rejuvenate sluggish, stressed or acne affected skin. This facial is perfect 2-3 days before a special event and leaves a glow that can last up to 10 days! The Trio consists of an activator, detoxifier, and oxygenator.

PCA Chemical Peel

Ideal skin type: all skin types

While a chemical peel may sound painful, the reality of the PCA chemical peel is that it’s a skin friendly and effective peel that helps treat acne, hyperpigmentation, and fine lines and wrinkles. You won’t have to deal with downtime, and your face will look plump and hydrated. You’ll leave your appointment with a healthy glow and all you have to do is follow the simple, post-procedure regimen

Vi Peel

Ideal skin type: sun spots and pigmented skin

The VI Peel is the perfect skin care treatment for those looking to: clear acne and reduce scarring, brighten stubborn discoloration (Melasma), and smooth away rough textures on the skin. This simple, pain-free procedure helps restore your skin to the tone and texture you deserve.

Advanced Skin Care Products

At Sculpt MD, we offer different advanced skin care products to help you continue a healthy skin care regimen that will make your results last! On top of our different facial treatments, we also offer various products and services like PCA Skin®, SkinMedica®, and DefenAge®.

Frequently Asked Questions

We want to create the perfect treatment for your skin. By consulting with our esthetician, we will be able to help you find the perfect facial treatment for your skin. Sculpt MD makes sure to match your skin with your own customized treatment by combining different products and services offered at Sculpt MD. You can book your consultation to discuss your skin care needs with our esthetician and together we can provide you with the youthful glow you desire.

Those receiving the chemical peel treatment only feel a mild stinging sensation during the treatment. After the procedure, you can use a mild pain reliever to relieve any discomfort. Sometimes, but very uncommonly, you may experience a form of mild, beginner’s peel. Consulting with our esthetician will ensure you receive the correct treatment for your skin.

The Oxygenating Trio produces no stinging or irritating side effects. The only sensation you may experience is a rosy flush and rapid warmth to the skin. The treatment leaves the skin radiant with a healthy look that lasts seven to ten days! Consult with our esthetician to learn if it’s right for you!

Peeling typically starts around the 3rd day after your treatment and ends on the 7th, but everyone’s skin reacts differently. Some people do not experience any peeling at all. The chemical/Vi peel doesn’t always need to peel to show it working. It is just exfoliating at the cellular level to brighten and improve your skin’s appearance.

Generally, it is safe to get a chemical or Vi peel every 4 to 6 weeks. If you suffer from acne, there are some peels that you can do every 2 weeks. Consulting with our esthetician will help you determine the best course of treatment for you!